How to Manage Winning Trades & Yen Warning

Hi, in this short video I show how to manage winning trades & lock in the profits on Tuesdays Euro/Aud trade which is over 160 pips in profit.

I showed in the live session how, where / why I had chosen to long this pair, for multiple reasons at 1.6135. At the time of writing the price is bouncing around the 1.6320 area, almost 200 pips higher.

This was from a pre-planned trade I shared with members in the live training session. You can find that recording here: Live Training Session Recording

how to manage winning tradesIn the same session, I showed why I preferred the Aud/Yen over other crosses this week.

How I set up to scale in/split the entry that so far is working out!

Why I recommend neither buying nor selling the $/Yen at its current 112.00 high and am waiting for a pullback as per Sundays plan

The Cad missed my entry by ONE pip and has now gone + 50 without me 🙁 I HATE this pair!

Check out the video,



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