Hi, on Sunday I explained that this week was all about the Gbp.

In Tuesday’s live training session I then showed how I had taken a trade on the Gbp/$ in preparation for the interest rate announcement today.

Lots of Trades All at The Same Time

My thought at that time was if it could get 40 or 50 pips in profit I would move the stop to entry and cross my fingers, the trade would be risk free with a potential decent profit if it went up.

That plan wasn’t working, so I took some profit and moved my stop closer to reduce the risk.

I show in the video how I had also shorted the Euro/Gbp for the same reasons. This entry was based on Sunday’s analysis to short at 0.8590.

Prior to the news I took some profit from both trades and was covered if they lost. I now had a completely risk free trade.

See the video as its easier to see my strategy, what I did and how many pips I bagged 🙂

Excuse the rushed narrative, I was trying to manage 2 live accounts whilst recording this video on a demo for you, so it was all a bit stressful!


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