In the previous review post I showed you this excellent, reliable & best of all, low cost visual trading console & trade manager for metatrader 4.

The trade manager is awesome. You can preset stops, move stops to entry, take off profit in stages, add to trades, all of which allows you to enter trades and have them managed for you from one simple operation.

You can even manage up to 10 different metatrader 4’s from one console which is ideal for demo testing.

If you missed the article about the trade manager you can find it here: Omars Automated Trade Manager

Lots of members are currently testing the “Project Groom” strategy and are using the trade manager to test up to 10 different variations, all from the one console.
As a result they are using the trade manager to its fullest extent and they asked me to record a video showing exactly how to get the best out of the software.

There is a video on the vendors page but members have told me that my video is much better 🙂 to show you how to start using the console straight away.

No big learning curves here,  its all done for you.

If there is anything you don’t understand then place your questions in the comments box below and I will get back to you

In the following video I refer to copying “Groom Trades” – these are from the new strategy but the principle is the same for all types of trades and trade management. Once again if you missed the original review of the visual trading console & trade manager, you can find it here: CLICK HERE

If you would like more information or to try the trade manager, please visit the vendors page CLICK HERE

Trade Manager How-To Video- Includes Transferring your Groomo VTC Trade Plan:

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