So you’re looking for a great way to manage & maximise your trades? Even a poor entry and be saved with savvy management.

Hi, I have recommended this inexpensive software to all my private students and ALL of them say it helped improve their performance and more than a few of them rave about it!

In this weeks live session I explained how useful this trade manager is for members, especially for those in timezones that don’t favour trading nor those who are working and don’t have much screen time.

It’s also brilliant for those who have the annoying habit of sabotaging their performance by letting their emotions get in the way and getting out of winners too soon or hanging on to losers in the hope that they will turn (they rarely do).

I believe we can teach anyone how to find good entries, but trade management is what screws up most peoples performance. What if there was a way for you to use your skills to find the trades, but then hand them over to software to manage them?

Also, what if you want to test various strategies on numerous timeframes without running multiple copies of Metatrader? You are covered here too.

This is a review from 2014 from one of our former students, turned mentor, Omar Eltoukhy. Unfortunately, he had some personal family issues to deal with and disappeared and despite many attempts by us and members we have been unable to catch up with him, which is a terrible shame as he was a very popular member of our team.

If you prefer video over reading, scroll down the page.

Here is his review of the trade manager. You can get a free 30 day trial of it here: Great Trade Manager

Omar: I have been asked a lot how I managed to test multiple variations on a system. The old way was to place each trade individually on a single MetaTrader, now I can try up to 10 different strategies through one single console!

Imagine if you can test up to 10 different variations for your strategy at once!

Great Way to Manage & Maximise Your Trades

If any of this applies to you then I have a solution!

  • You have almost cracked forex but you get out of trades too early
  • Maybe your stops keep getting taking out by a few pips only to move 100’s as you planned – we have all been there.
  • What if you could test 10 different exit strategies
  • or 10 different stops
  • You interfere too much with trades? This way place a trade and walk away
  • Set and forget-Scale out of trades automatically

We rarely promote forex products and never ones that we haven’t tested but below is the details about an awesome trade manager I use for mt4 (metatrader4). I have been using it for the last 8 months and I have to say it blew me away. Most trade managers are too complicated, but this thing is incredibly flexible and yet easy to use. It has been 100% reliable thus far and the final part of the puzzle is its not expensive either!


  • One click order execution
  • Manage up to ten mt4 accounts at once, perfect for testing forex strategies
  • Initial profit & move stop loss
  • 6 trailing stop types
  • stepping stop (can move stop up to 5 times when trailing)!
  • multilevel profit taking (scaling out)

and lots more, its amazingly flexible and here is a screen shot of the dash board:

If you would like to check out the total specification and features CLICK HERE

Visual Trading Console Multi-TerminalGreat Way to Manage & Maximise Your Trades

Great Way to Manage & Maximise Your Trades

Here is my detailed review:

In my years of trading forex, I have always gravitated towards testing out and trying new things. Although I am quite happy with the knowledge and tools that I currently use, I am still always hunting for the next best thing.

As a tester, I have seen a bit of everything. Everything from manual systems, to EAs, to various auxiliary tools to help the trader. Every once and a while though, something comes along so incredible and amazing, I literally have to share it with people and put my full endorsement.

Today I want to talk about a trade manager for mt4. Sure, we spend most of our time and resources looking for the “perfect system” that gives us the very best entries. But then what??? Fortunes are made and lost on trade management.

Great Way to Manage & Maximise Your Trades

Even a poor entry and be saved with savvy management and the best entry can turn into a loser (or at least not as big of a win) by a poor approach to managing the trade. But when you get into the world of trade management software, there are usually some major drawbacks:

1) A trade manager for Mt4:

usually Doesn’t Allow Independent or Individual Order Management: Meaning you are stuck either only being able to manage 1 trade per pair, OR stuck having ALL order managed the same way.

Or this can also mean your precious EA trades will be controlled by your trade manager if you happen to trade your EAs on your manual account (something I personally do). This alone can wreak havoc on your EA trades as it becomes a battle between trade manager and EA management.

2) A Trade Manager for mt4

Doesn’t usually allow Creativity In Order Management: Trade managers give you a few trailing options and that’s about it. Some let you scale out at certain point. Most have a “break-even” feature.

But think about doing something exotic like: Move stop -15 pips behind price at +55 pips while taking 15% of the trade off, then move the stop to +15 pips at +75 pips, and then trailing the stop by 25 pips once you reach +110 pips while removing another 25% of the trade at +100 pips, while keeping in mind that if the trade originally goes 80% to your stop loss against you, to adjust new t/p to +10 while removing half the trade at -30 pips drawdown………………….FORGET IT!!!! Not going to happen. That is something you can only do manually right??

3) A Trade Manager for mt4

usually won’t let You Interfere: With the big majority of trade managers, when you manually try to change the trade management, the managers lose the trade. Either that or they negate what you just did (example: you move the stop to +15 pips to protect some gains even though that wasn’t part of the “plan”) by moving the stop back to where it was prior to your intervention. You pull your stop out after a volatile move, and the manager moves it back in without any new movement. ARGGGGG!!!!

So we are usually stuck having to make the trade off between being stuck at our monitors and having great trade management (assuming you are paying attention AND disciplined to stick to the plan), OR leaving our trades in the hands of trade managers to give us very limited management options and hope for the best while we try to live our lives!!

That was until…….. Visual Trading Console Multi-Terminal!!!! WOW!!! This product does everything and more. Go ahead and slash those major drawbacks because they don’t exist with this product.

Yes, not only can you creatively manage your trades, each trade can be individually managed independent of all other trades, regardless of pair. You can assign a multitude of strategies to each order. If that wasn’t awesome enough VTC Mt gives you the power to control ALL of your accounts in ONE PLACE!!

You see all your trades in an organized and programmable fashion whether you have 1 account or 10. It is literally the ultimate command and control center for all your trading!!

If you want to know more here is the link to the vendors site. Visual Trader Manage for Mt4 The console has been extremely reliable, I just set and forget and walk away!


30 day free trial. 


If you would like to see the trade manager in action here is a short video I prepared for you, regards, Omar Eltoukhy.

Best Trade Manager for Mt4

Great Way to Manage & Maximise Your Trades

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