I Am A Forex Trader Not a Gambler however in my early trading days that was not always the case.

I Am A Forex Trader Not a Gambler Marc Walton forex traderIn the short video below, I show two very good examples of what happens if you break your Forex trading rules.

If you trade through big news announcements then you are gambling NOT trading.

I MAY have been lucky with the Chf short.

It was one of my “spookily accurate” almost to the pip entries.

However, I needed to catch a bus from Portugal to Spain (old working-class habits 🙂 which meant I was not around to even try to manage the trade.

The second trade was a GBP news trade. I had explained on Tuesday when the inflation news saw a rise which was not expected. I said in that video that there was a good chance that the Bank of England would raise rates by more than expected. See the video in that post, I was even “spookily accurate” on the fundamentals that time 🙂 …….

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I Am A Forex Trader Not a Gambler

I recorded the news amount “live. I explained how it was likely to be a wild move and why. Also, how even if I had picked the right direction it would probably go against me.

How spreads can widen during news. The big question then is could I have won by jumping in after the price set off moving up? I show in the following video that “there is a good chance it could just as easily swing back down 40 or 50 pips” So what happened next?

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Marc Walton

I Am A Forex Trader Not a Gambler