Hi, today I am going to explain how to become a pro forex trader.

I was looking back at articles and videos I have posted going back 15 years.

I came to realise that the message is EXACTLY the same every year!

Unfortunately, most people don’t take action and will be musing over something similar in 12 months time!

I have updated this article.

If you follow this blueprint. Take the steps and follow my instructions you will give yourself the best opportunity yet to become a professional and all the financial and freedom benefits that brings.


How to Become a Pro Forex Trader

it’s the time of year when we think of new beginnings and the things we want to do better in the New Year.

This is a simple process that you can follow with or without help.

Unlike promises to “eat healthier, drink less, go to the gym” which usually last until the end of February at best, this is a simple blueprint to follow.

Yes, you need to put in some time and effort to create the process, but if you “can’t be bothered/haven’t got the time” then you deserve all you get!

Sorry to be so blunt, but its a fact that those who are willing to get off their backsides and make the effort have a far greater chance of forming new habits and succeeding.

This is an excerpt from one of the live training sessions we host here each week. I explained the step by step process you need to follow to create your trading business. It’s not complicated and will not take much of your time to put in place the building blocks for a successful trading career.

Once you have created a personalised version of the blueprint you only need to “tweak it” a few times during the year. The rest of the time you simply need to rinse and repeat each week.


How to Become a Pro Forex Trader

The Blueprint:

In the live session, I explained in detail the steps you need to take if you wish to break the glass ceiling.

Stop trading as though it’s a hobby and the steps you need to take to trade like a professional.

I show the steps I get my private clients to take on the start of that journey.

How you need to create a business plan

How to Become a Pro Forex Trader

Then a trading routine document with all your rules

How to create your weekly trade plan

How important being aware of psychological issues affect ALL traders & how our own Rich Friesen helped me overcome them (and still does)!

All the information is available here in the member’s area.


Your job?

How to Become a Pro Forex Trader

You need to apply the process and start treating your trading like a business.

Here is the post and video from the same time last year:

Hi guys, at the start of today’s session I went through the steps I go through with private clients when they “onboard.”

As the holiday season and New Year approaches folks start to think about what they are going to do to improve their personal & financial situation in 2022. This year more than ever with the Covid crisis. So what is your plan? You have all the tools and capital available here to achieve your goals IF you want it badly enough!

I show how I went from losing for 3 years from 2002 to 2005 and how I was trading a million $ client account by the end of 2006. Nowadays things are a lot easier.

Here at Forex Mentor Pro we will give you the money to trade if you can trade like a professional.

The first thing you need to do is create a business plan. This is an overview of what you are aiming to achieve along with clear goals and milestones. Explained in more detail in the education section of the member’s area.

Next, you need to create a trading plan.

There is a full section in the forum inside the member’s area on how to do this.

Do not just blindly follow and copy someone else, these need to be personal to you. If you went to work for a fund or want to trade my money you need a clear set of rules and more importantly, you then need to stick to them. I recommend that you weave the managed fund rules into your plan. If you can prove that you can trade like a professional then the sky is the limit.

Trading for Funds

Nowadays there are lots of websites that pitch “funded accounts” that claim to pay out up to 85% profit share. In the real world that’s not going to happen. Most of these types of programs are a Ponzi scheme. The few who get through to the profitable level are subsidized by the newbies who pay for an evaluation account. I am told by an insider from one of these firms that the average newbie will pay for 3 attempts before quitting. Then the rules are designed to trip folks up at each level. One bad month and you slide all the way back to the beginning, like snakes and ladders!

We do deal with one company who has far fewer rules and you are not under pressure to make the 10% target in a single month. The other benefit is that you will be creating a track record/proof of performance that you can take with you to apply for a real prop firm.

Trading for clients in the real world 🙂

You can trade up to $2million of client funds and receive a substantial profit share (up to 35% per month- the profit share on larger accounts has now been increased to 50% for you). This way you do not need to overtrade or over-leverage.

The goal is to make 3 to 5% per month. On a $100,000 account, 4% will now give you $2000 per month. On a million$ account, you get $20,000 a MONTH.

Please note I recommend that you only risk 0.5% per trade. 


Private Coaching

If you want to consider private coaching I only have a few places left. I am semi-retired now so only taking a new client per month. This now includes access to my Crypto Investing website and tuition on the subject.

Details here: One to One with Marc

The first 25 minutes of the video is the “how to become a professional trader” part followed by a look at different potential trade setups.

Even if you have lots of your own money and don’t want to trade for clients this is still the way you should plan your trading business. Too many folks are playing at trading. Lifetime member Jeff wrote a great article a few years ago, entitled “Treat Trading like a hobby & it will pay you like a hobby. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business.”

So are you going to do this properly and give yourself the opportunity to completely reshape your life and income or are you going to carry on playing at trading? It’s your call!



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