Bitcoin Still a Buy

Hi, I opened Yesterday’s session looking at the massive gains my crypto followers have made in recent weeks and months.

I reminded folks how I started explaining to the beta testers back in May 2020 how big institutions are moving into crypto.

Then again in my webinar on the 28th October here at FMP when Bitcoin was at $13,300. I said it would go mainstream and there were serious profits to be made 🙂

I show in the video how some of the coins made over 2000% in a few weeks, how most are well over 300% up, and I currently only have 1 that is currently negative and that one I think could go to the moon so it’s certainly an incredibly profitable and exciting time.

If you want to know more about crypto (you should) then check out the mini-course here (non-members must sign up to see this course) and the Valentines day special offer:  at the bottom of the course page

Bitcoin Still a Buy

Recent Crypto Events

Things have clearly taken an even bigger leap forwards in recent days. Tesla’s $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin is clearly a game-changer.

Other big companies will probably follow suit & Apple are rumored to have invested $5 Billion. (supply and demand only means one thing 🙂

Greyscales $30 Billion funds 4th quarter results “93% of new investors are institutions” I warn again about not letting the big dogs, press, mates or anyone else scare you into selling.

I now revise my target to $100k for BTC and possibly a lot more. Suggestions if you are late to the party- you are not too late and I will go into this in more detail later.

Many of our coins have now moved into the top 20 and smaller ones have moved up 100’s of positions too. I am focusing on finding more new small-cap coins for potentially big gains.

Crypto tends to go in cycles. Btc surges, then pulls back, then Eth, then mid-caps finally the smaller Alt tokens. When they drop that’s the time to be buying for me.


This week we did things a little differently. Instead of me showing you the sweet spots” for entries, stops and targets and which trades to focus on, members got to do the work.

Its not hard and certainly not rocket science, just follow steps one, two and three like they did today 🙂

Bitcoin Still a Buy