Live: Can NFP finally give us a direction?

It’s been very messy in the FX markets as of late. We thought we finally had a $ bullish sign but yet again stuck in a range going sideways. The DXY is going up one day and down another. This has made trading a little difficult lately on the majors to catch the direction of a trend as we are going sideways there too.

There are still opportunities as we have shared in the past few weeks but we have to be careful with our Take profit targets because we can’t be too greedy in these markets. The best thing to do is scale out of your trade so that you at least secure some profits along the way, rather than seeing it all go away.

The cross pairs are more attractive at the moment as they are giving us some big moves lately. But also some setups are brewing on the majors which me and Thinus shared in the webinar today. I also went through the E&S setups for the week ahead so make sure to have a look at those too. Most of them look attractive to me. I also shared how I am looking to trade some pairs through the news giving you my reasoning.

In the U.S. there was big news yesterday as Former President Trump won a Supreme Court ruling stating that he can remain on the presidential ballot for this year’s election. This could make things interesting in this year’s election and could set a longer-term tone for the $ in the future.

US Supreme Court rules Trump can remain on presidential ballot

There is plenty of news this week but I showed you how you could trade some of these pairs. NFP is of course the Big one which is towards the end of the week so I’m looking to get out of my trades before that or at least take some profit.650x60 100 Free training course 4

You can watch the full webinar below:



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