Hi, we recorded the live training session at 6am EST so lots of folks are on the way to the polling stations in the USA.

On Thursday the UK joins France, Belgium, parts of Spain and Germany in a full lockdown and other countries seem likely to follow suit soon.

Discussions are still going on re Brexit- You couldn’t make all this stuff up!

Then regular news there is FOMC; UK Interest rates and don’t forget NFP Friday which we never trade. Clearly, the sensible thing to do is walk away as far as trading forex is concerned.

In the session, we also looked at a few crypto possible setups & Tradingview software which I use for my crypto analysis and news feed. I still prefer MT4 because I have been using it for almost 20 years, but for crypto, its the best I have found and I know a lot of members prefer it for their forex analysis.

You can get a free version by clicking here: TradingView

Facebook is like a James Bond Evil Genius?

I also talked about a documentary I watched a few weeks ago on the subject of Social Media which blew me away and everyone I know who has seen it. The interviewees were all previously members of the management teams & high up in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

All talk about how Artificial Intelligence (IA) is influencing how people think as individuals and in groups. How it is manipulating individuals and even contributing to the polarisation of societies like we are seeing in the USA at the moment.

How all of them refuse to let their children use social media & why everybody should turn off notifications.

It really is staggering what is going on and yet people are quite happy to hand over all their data to these organisations.

The documentary is only available on Netflix ( I think) but they usually have a free trial and in truth its the main channel I watch these days and its less than $10 a month

Here is the link to to the program that goes with the series: Netflix Social Dilema

I urge you to watch it, especially if you have kids or younger relatives and tell all your families and friends too.

Forex service will be resumed after the craziness calms down.

Stay safe


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