USA Debt Ceiling Nonsense. In today’s training session I was joined by the “youngsters :)- Ashley & Phil. Both are the right side of 30 and have quit their jobs to trade and are living proof that you can all do this! We spoke about the Debt Ceiling Nonsense that is currently going in the U.S.

Member questions

I started the session by answering members questions

  1. Why I didn’t short the NZD at the recent big news drop & why i NEVER trade NFP
  2. Why I don’t intend to trade the AUD/Yen this week- technically & fundamentally
  3. Which Yen trades I do prefer
  4. Why the NZD/CAD is an A grade for me
  5. Why I will not short the Euro/Gbp at the moment
  6. How to speed up the video replays
  7. Correlation
  8. Why we use MT4 and not Tradingview:

re Tradingview. I do use it for stocks and crypto, but it costs $299 a year so many folks don’t want to pay that over and above membership costs.

  1. MT4 is free and not everyone wants to pay for Tradingview
  2. The funded accounts run on MT4 & MT5
  3. The data feed is different on many brokers so the emas are in a different place to ours.
  4. We do all our analysis on MT4 and folks are used to looking at them
  5. We can’t find a programmer who can do a good copy of our template for the horizontal longer time frame emas
  6. Even if he could we can’t find one to connect it to our membership software

I did show a workaround, see the video

Debt Ceiling Nonsense

I then went on to look at the US debt ceiling nonsense. How there are multiple ways that the markets could respond and why you need to be careful until its sorted. Best advice is not to have more than one $ trade open at the same time.

650x60 100 Free training course 4

Why CBDC’s are VERY scary and the average member of the public has no idea.

Ashley then covered Earth & Sky and Phil looked at some M2 setups, so a full schedule again!?

Links to articles I discussed in the session, and video at the bottom of the page.

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