Hi, as ever we looked at potential trades for those using all of our methods and a brief update as to my views on crypto.

Is it finished or still got further to go?

Here is a link to a detailed piece of research from Goldman Sachs. That would be the same firm that 12 months ago was still saying that crypto is a joke. kinda changed their tune 🙂

Along with all the other big companies that have come into the space as per my webinar last year where I showed how they are all “flip-flopping.” Even when everything was pulling back in recent weeks, the big companies were still queuing up to be accredited by US regulators to offer crypto.

Elon Musk has also changed his tune somewhat and may even turn out to be “Bitcoins Superman Saviour”…. was that his plan all along?


in todays live session we focused on where to place stops and calculate the viability (risk versus reward) of a potential trade setup. You should all be able to spot a potential entry point BUT the placement of stops is equally, if not more, important.

Update: during the session, I showed an excellent range trade setup on the GBP/CHF. This was pointed out to me by one of my private students, Thinus. It had great risk-reward potential and a strong place for the stop. I just banked 100 pips on 80% of it from a 30 pip risk and have left the balance to run. All explained in this short video update:

Member Thinus Great Call on Gbp/Chf

This is a recording of the live session including a detailed explanation of my planning for the GBP/CHF. You can see my thought process before the event and why it was such a good setup :


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