Hi, in today’s live session I (and members) interviewed David Dombrowsky, CEO of our new funded account. he explained in detail his plans and why he believes that his new program is the best one out there. I have checked out many of them, and thus far, I agree with him.

Discount code

He kindly agreed to extend the discount period for folks who decide to join using the code: FX2LAUNCH15 is a 15% discount code off an already low price.

I explained in Monday’s post (and the forum) why I think this can be a game-changer for many of you.

If you missed that post then you can find it here:

Brand new Funded account firm

Here is the link to check out the funding offer: Fx2 Funding for Traders

Here is the code to get 15% off an already low price     FX2LAUNCH15 

The vision

David explained his goal and vision in the webinar. He wants to create a team of traders who can be consistently profitable. It doesn’t matter what strategy they use, as long as they can follow the rules and stay within those limits they should be fine. Sounds easy right?

He went on to give an example of one of his new clients who signed up and passed the evaluation within hours making the 10%. He received the 10k live account the same day. He made another 17%, David thought WOW he must be excellent. A couple of days later he breached the rules and was out! You can watch this at around 29:45 in the video.

So you can see what adrenaline can do to your psychology when you think you have cracked the code and mastered trading. The markets will put you back in your place if you try to outsmart it. Hence, David and I stressed that following the rules is very important.

Therefore, use this opportunity to improve your trading in the New Year and take your trading to the next level. You will become a better trader when you start becoming accountable for your mistakes and following your trading rules. I mentioned that as soon as my private clients start trading with me their results begin to change and improve every week. This is because they know that there is someone watching over them and I won’t be quiet if they do some silly mistake.

Also, another important point he mentioned was when you get past the evaluation phase you actually receive a live account to trade on. He explained why he doesn’t believe in demo accounts. This is because the psychology is very different and it will help you to become a better trader. The game changes when you start dealing with real money on the table.

Earth and Sky

Ashley joined us after David to give the Earth and Sky pairs for this week. Pierre only provided the strength indicator this week and has asked for members to tell him in the forum which one you’ll think are the best pairs to trade this week.

You can find the details here in Pierre’s post: Earth & Sky Competition


The two top analysts for this week will receive a complimentary call with Pierre in the New Year to review your trading.

Ashley provided 4 pairs in the webinar. EURCAD, EURUSD, EURAUD and GBPNZD

Out of all of the pairs he prefers the EURAUD because it has a lot of room to head higher and make up to 250 pips.

To end the webinar Marc then provided a short update on the stocks, indices and M2 set ups.

You can watch the whole webinar below, click the four arrows to watch in full screen: