Hi guys, in todays live training session I showed how I had helped James to review his performance. You NEED to do this for yourself. Either ask someone to help you or be really self-aware.

I was joined by Phil who showed some of his M2 setups & Ashley for Earth & Sky. Both are young guys who I have taught on a one to one basis. Both have transformed their performance by following our program AND they put in a ton of hard work and effort. Both quit their jobs to be able to focus on trading full-time-

Ashley has been working with private clients on a one-to-one basis for the last 8 months. He is teaching folks the exact same curriculum that he and I went through. He has had some great feedback from his clients. Phil will be ready to start teaching folks in the not-too-distant future too 🙂

The US is almost coming up to its debt ceiling. The last time this happened in 2011 it almost paralyzed the government. The Republicans suffered a drop in popularity, so they may not go as far this time. Then again the House is far more partisan now than 12 years ago, so it seems unlikely.

One suggestion that has been floated is “hey why not just scrap the limit”…. You can’t make this stuff up. After years of adjusting and fiddling the figures to make them look better than reality, now “lets just stop bothering! This has huge potential implications for the USA and its status as the reserve currency. If they default no one will buy their debt/bonds. Many countries have already stopped doing so. On a simplistic level would you want to keep lending money to a country which every year spends way more than it receives? That has no way of ever repaying the current debts and is financially irresponsible.

See the bottom of the page for a list of articles I used for research and shared in the meeting, the video of which is at the bottom of the page too.

This is the idea of “Hey lets just stop bothering with a limit and keep printing”

Crystal Ball

Review Members ResultsI looked into my tea leaves & crystal ball 🙂

I talked about the impending debt ceiling crisis in the USA.

What I guesstimate is going to happen.

How I think that will affect currencies, metals, stocks and crypto.

My guess (I could of course be completely wrong, but I am open to the opposite scenario). Either way I intend to position myself to be profitable.

  1. Later this month there will be many days of “will they won’t they” – during this period stocks will probably drop along with the $USD
  2. At the very last minute, there will be some kind of deal- now the $ AND stocks will shoot up. The latter might even zoom up on a wave of euphoria to recent all-time highs.
  3. After the euphoria (which could last a few days or even over the summer) THEN stocks and the $ will tank. This will likely be the start of a bull run in: Gold, silver, miners and Bitcoin and Ethereum will move higher.

I am looking to buy more BTC, ETH and metals and miners if they pull back. I will start to buy gold again at around $1915 & silver at $23.00 I will buy more if they drop lower. If they tank I will sell the house, oops I already did that 🙂

As ever this is NOT financial advice. I am NOT a licensed financial adviser in any jurisdiction and I could be partially or completely wrong. If the politicians in the house start to act like grown-ups (who am I kidding)- then the $ should go up and crypto and metals drop further. If they do I will hedge them short and still look to buy lower down.

These are the research articles and at the bottom of the list are a couple of Youtube videos that are short, sweet, to the point and funny, on what is a very serious subject.

This the shadow stats website that shares the true figure of unemployment comparing it to what the economic figures show


The couple of links showing us what happened last time when the Debt reached its limit and then the government had eventually raised the Debt ceiling. During this time government workers were affected to the point they were not being paid.

https://www.cbo.gov/system/files/2019-01/54937-PartialShutdownEffects.pdf The effects of the 2019 us government shutdown


A few links show us the debt of the US and also compare it to what the actual figures are. They won’t be able to pay it back whichever number you choose as it is just gone to the roof!





Here are a couple of great videos explaining the significance of Quantitative easing (print lots of currency out of thin air) and how it helped create the current situation around the world:

Is this really how it works?- Quantitative Easing

and another, How central Banks con the public

You can view the full live webinar below:

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