Hi guys, here are a couple of live trade examples that I showed you in the training session on Tuesday.

The Euro/Aud from Sundays analysis is a “position trade” that I am hoping to ride for 1000’s of pips 🙂

The Gbp/Cad I wasn’t going to take, but one of my private students persuaded me it was a good idea (currently +180 pips)

Ashley also “called” a 90 pip win on the Gbp/Yen in the forum on Monday. So between us thats over 450 pips winning trades that we shared in advance, Sharing is caring 🙂

We don’t want you to blindly copy us, the goal is for you to learn how to do this for yourself, but we can all benefit from sharing ideas and asking for help and advice.

The forum is the ideal place to do it as there are experienced, funded traders in there willing to help and share. AT this time of year the forum is quiet, so you have more chance of a quick response, so get in there!


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