Live: U.S. CPI in focus

In todays webinar Thinus went through all the M2 set ups showing the big areas to focus on for the week ahead. In the second part of the webinar I showed the Earth and Sky pairs that look attractive for the week ahead.

We do need some big pullbacks this week which we could get on Thursday when the US CPI news is due out. There fore be careful if you are going to trade on this day. Best advice is to manage any trades before the news and get into a trade an hour after the news is out. Let the dust settle.

Keep an eye on the DXY chart for clues. Currently, we still see a bearish trend on the DXY suggesting the Dollar could reverse and head down. But we need to wait for the news to see what happens. There are many set ups that we have shared that look attractive. The USD CHF is closely correlated with the DXY so keep an eye on this one after the news to look for any trade set ups. Equally I have also shared some set ups on the 4HR timeframe.

You can watch the full webinar below:

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