HI Everyone,

In this week’s Live session I looked at the Gold, crypto, stocks, and M2 setups. Ashley looked at the Earth and Sky setups.


I mentioned that for the week ahead Wednesday is a very important day this week.
We have the core retail sales and also the FOMC meeting.

The FOMC meeting will be very crucial to deciding where the market heads for the rest of the month. All eyes will be on Powell and he will surely face many questions on inflation and recession.

They are predicting a 75bps rate hike instead of 50. So this could cause an overreaction in the market or as the old school trick goes “the market could have already priced this in”
In this case, the market will go in the opposite direction to what the retail traders are assuming. The best thing to do is leave the market alone just before and after the event.
Wait for the dust to settle and then get in.


The pound is back to 1.20 again, it got there last time in 2020. I suspect it could do a rebound here on Thursday when the BOE have their meeting to try and talk it up.
Again advice would be to try and not open any GBP trade pairs that morning.


Ashley also showed his trades that he was in and a classic M2 breakout trade on the NZDCHF. You can watch this around 30.30 minutes into the video.

One of our members also posted a website which he recommended to us on rate hikes. It basically does a prediction of what percentage people are expecting the banks to raise rates on the given day. Link below

Rate Hike prediction


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