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Managing winning trades

I have made another post to show you how I managed the EURGBP trade before the markets close today. I have taken 60% profit from the trade at 80 pips and have moved my stop from breakeven to above the  55 MA on the 4HR timeframe. This is to ensure I’m locking in a bit more in case it retraces further.

The EUR manufacturing data came out worse today, so the EUR has dropped against the GBP. I explained in the video that manufacturing is more important for the Eurozone than the services and for the GBP it’s the Services.  The GBP did slightly better along with the retail sales figures so it had the edge.

I also showed what I did with the NZDCAD and why I left the stop in the same place. I have moved my TP lower as I feel that it could drop further.

You can watch the video below.

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