Living In Interesting Times

Living In Interesting TimesHi everyone

As 2020 was drawing to a close, but I guess only in numerical terms, it had me thinking.

The Chinese have a curse, it says: ” May you live in interesting times “

Every year I reflect back and every year I see the Ebb and Flow of life that shapes us into who and what we are.

2020 has been no different except for the fact that it feels like World War 3 has broken out and we are waiting for the bomb to drop.

Currently, South Africa is back at Level 3 lock down and where by not wearing a mask in public can lead to jail time as it’s now a criminal offence……we can’t go to the beaches, we can’t swim in the rivers or lakes and we can’t buy any alcohol again… we have a curfew from 9 pm to 4 am every day.

My whole inside has been in turmoil as we watch our societies and communities crumble around us…….( this is very noticeable in my small hometown that has a population of only 10 000 people and where we highly depended on tourism in this region of South Africa)

It’s truly daunting and the notion of living day by day and not thinking too much about the future is the kind of normal thing for us all, well the majority of us anyway.

However, 2020 has had its magical moments too. This was the year where my 3 kids out of my first marriage (living 600 km away) come to visit me for well over 2 months during our second lock down period, we had plenty of time just to `hang out`  as the teenagers say.

We really connected and truth be told….I fell in love with my kids again and who they had become as young adults. It’s a deeper love that I can’t explain or put into words……..

It was also the year where I really enjoyed working outdoors on the farm and really got stuck in with what we doing here. To smell the fresh air every morning, see the birds, see the rain coming over the hills and really enjoying to be part of God’s creation. To still be alive – to still have joy in my heart even with the tuff times we experiencing !!

It was a year that friends became the family you can rely on and that living simply is the best thing on the planet.

The list can go on…… there is truly loads for me to be thankful for.

My message to all this year is: “Live in the Abundance of Simplicity” take care of yourselves and your health and spend more meaningful full time with your loved ones.

All the best for 2021, whatever it may hold.

Sending Love to All


(PS – I will be back in full force next week with my comprehensive Earth and Sky analysis where I will show you the way)

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