Marc Walton Full time trader, fund manager and founder of Forex Mentor Pro, Marc trades Forex for clients from his home in the sunny Canary Islands specialising and teaching his own M2 trading strategy.Marc is famed for being “spookily accurate” with his analysis. Often picking out entries from 100’s of pips away, “to the pip.” Unlike most “guru’s” he and the other mentors here tell you in advance what they are looking to trade and why. That way you can learn to become a successful trader in your own right.

Forex Mentor PRO - Learn To Trade Like A Pro!

Live Forex Training Session

Live Forex Training Session with forex mentors Marc Walton, Pierre du Plessis & Judith Waker from Forex mentorpro. Every week members get a chance to talk with real life, professional traders- you can test drive the service for just a $1

Earth & Sky Trading System Update

EarthGood morning everyone Hope you all had a peaceful weekend. Yesterday the Aussies lost their 4th game in a row against South Africa on the cricket field so that is something to smile about ..........but o boy o boy.........did the New Zealanders taught us a rugby...

Pierre’s Monday FX Analysis

What a weekend !!!! Good morning everyone What a super weekend for South Africa had. We kicked the Aussies back side on the rugby and cricket field this past weekend well done to the Springboks and the Protea`s !!! Trading is a quick market...

Earth & Sky Fx Trading System

This is the notes and video recording from Pierre du Plessis' Earth & Sky Fx Trading System from Tuesday the 13th September. Every week Pierre explains in advance what he is looking to trade for the week ahead and why. He shows where he is looking to take trades...

Stupid People & Unrealistic Expectations

Too many people are lured into trading by the promise of “get rich quick” marketers. The truth is that the rewards for successful traders can be great BUT it requires a lot of hard work, effort & persistence to get there. So which are you? Sensible or one of the stupid people & unrealistic expectations –


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