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Earth and Sky Analysis for 30 May 2017

Good morning everyone. We had a bit of a slow start to the week but that was expected as we had a bank holiday yesterday and volumes/momentum was low. Now we need to wait for things to heat up this morning..............and then wait for price to come to our areas...

Friday Catch Up 19 May 2017

Good morning everyone. A bit of a slow week as we had to wait for price to come to our preferred areas where we wanted to do business, so it was - and still is a waiting game at the moment as we only now hitting the levels we called earlier this week. The Euro/Dollar...

Earth and Sky Analysis 16th May

Good morning everyone. How you all doing this stunning Tuesday ? Things look a little slow at the moment but it is still early in the week and I expect the market to heat up a little later today. Please take note of my time frames as we have loads of daily charts this...

Quick Monday Morning Outlook: 15 May 2017

Good morning everyone. What's up and whets down this morning? Well if I look at the Euro/Dollar daily chart we can spot that the Bollinger bands are making tweezers. This usually means that the volume/momentum is slowing down considerably so we need to keep an eye on...

Tug Of War Week

Hi everyone. Whats up and whats down this Friday morning? Well, we had a bit of tug of war going on at our entry areas this week with price pulling back to close to comfort to our stop area......but we managed to survive......just !!! The Euro/Dollar had a big tumble...

Mid Week Shark Bait Update:

Good morning everyone. Marc dropped me a note this morning to say he is somewhere on a boat over the great barrier reef in Australia getting ready to be shark bait and if I can give you an mid week update as his underwater internet connection is not that great....

Quick Monday Morning Overview, 8 May 2017

Good morning everyone. What's up and whets down this morning? Well Marc is down under in Perth, Australia on holiday.................and Fotis, Judith and I am up here - on the other side of the equator working 🙁 But dont fear when the three musketeers are...

Friday Spaghetti with Pierre!!!

Good morning everyone. Tuesday morning I showed you the spaghetti indicator is telling us to keep an eye on the NZD, Aussie and JPY currencies for possible trade set ups. Let's have a look at the Tuesday morning spaghetti Indi again: O boy o boy.......did this turn...

Pierre`s Mid Week Update: 26 April 2017

Good morning everyone. Here is a mid week update for you regarding the 10 currency pairs I look at for FMP. If you have any questions regarding this update or if you want me to look at any other currency pairs - PLEASE drop me a note in my current weekly thread in the...

Mind the GAP- 24 April 2017 !!

Good morning everyone. Marc warned us on Sunday that we need to be careful with the Euro and CHF pairs as we had the French elections and talks of reducing QE ( money printing) that can have a big impact on the market. Check out Bloomberg or the video for more...

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