Hi members,

Please find the recording of the live session today below.

Ashley went through the Earth and Sky set ups first and then I went through the M2 charts.


Keep watching the $index it is now at a major “make your mind up” area on the weekly charts. I said a few weeks ago that even though it was dropping I suspected a move up was more likely than down, so far that has turned out to be the case.

Remember I am looking for “A” grade trades from weekly & daily charts that I can place the orders and then just walk away. A “B” grade is one that I will watch on smaller timeframes to see how it reacts if it hits my zone.

EUR/USD:  I show in the video how 1.0610 is the stronger area for me to long, for multiple reasons. But I don’t fancy taking it for now so will be leaving it alone as it’s not very clear. Keep an eye on the DXY.

USD/CHF: A grade short at 0.94500, watch DXY for correlation. It helped last week. A long is also possible at 0.9250, watch the video.

Do not take the Euro/$ & Chf at the same time. They are correlated so it’s the same “bet.”

GBP/USD: Im up 200 pips!, 1.22320 will be of interest to short if it pulls back. Showed in the video how I used my M3 strategy to catch it.

AUD/USD: 0.7120 is an interesting area for a short. Also watch 0.70 area as its a huge level.

NZDUSD: I wouldn’t touch it for now but my bias is to short. Watch the video.

USD/CAD:  Recent Cad news has been better than expected. On the 4 HR interesting to long again now at 1.3270. The Absolute A grade for me is around 1.300 which has been massive support and resistance going back 20 years. So if there is a big drop after the news it will “probably”- (remember we trade probability), at least struggle there. No guarantees of course but 20 years suggests it’s in my favour 🙂

USDYEN: leaving alone for now


Some are A grades where I will place forward orders, most pairs have “areas of interest.” I have a lot of similar crosses so be very careful with the correlation.

EURGBP: 0.8650 is the A grade long for me. Intraday 0.88220 is an area to watch as there is a trendline. watch the video.

EURCAD: Its still 400 pips away. 1.4010 is my area for a long.

EURNZD: I took partial profits and am currently up 290 pips! will look to enter again at 1.6850

EURAUD: Overall in a downtrend but stuck in a range that is around 250 pips. Look for shorts around 1.55500. watch the video for more clarity.

AUDCAD: I wouldn’t short it. 0.9110 is interesting for a long.

CADJPY: interesting to long at 92.20

GBPCHF: 1.1490 is where I have placed my forward order. It is a major area of resistance but still far away, been waiting for weeks.

EURJPY: split entry at 142.10 and 141.70 for a long.

AUDJPY: quite messy but 91.70 area stands out for a long. Prefer the EURJPY.

As always, remember correlation! 


We are NOT a “tipping service” our aim is to teach you how to trade for yourself.