Hi, I recorded a short video showing some of the winning trades from this weeks analysis, two of which came from private students, so I can’t claim all the credit 🙂

However, most are not making big gains before pulling back. I spoke on Sunday about the lack of follow-through on many pairs and why you should not be greedy.

This week the Chf was a perfect example. It was 40 pips in profit, bounced off a support area, pulled back and out at entry. The Gbp/Nzd, which Ashley called in the forum, was +80 but is now pulling back and there were others.

The Aud/Chf which Tobias called weeks ago, is winning again, but I have my stop to entry and will take some profit ASAP.

The Cad missed my entry by a pip and dropped 200, so as ever forex can test your resolve to the limit every week 🙁

Its a bank holiday in Japan today and although many Yens have broken higher, I need pullbacks and today is probably not the best for them.

Check out the video now: