Hi, in yesterdays video I showed how European stock markets were breaking lower and US ones are at major areas.

I also cautioned that I was taking many of the trades in my plan OFF the table. I cautioned specifically that the Aud/Yen looked like it would drop lower (it did) and you should at least move your stops if you were in it.

I also said I would only take the other trades from major areas lower down, the €$, Gbp/$, Aud, Nzd etc

Important Update: Wild Markets Ahead?

Hopefully, you saw the update and or the forum post where I said “Hi guys, be VERY careful right now. Europes covid crisis is affecting the stock markets and the €uro which are both dropping. US election issues and lots of news mean I have revised a lot of my plans, check out todays post:..”.

Everything is as clear as mud right now! Either zoom right out to the big picture and major areas or check out the M3.

SO what happened next?

I recorded this follow up video around 6 hours later as the European markets continued to drop. You should check in the forum more!