Forex candlesticks are one of the basic tools used in forex trading. They were invented in the 18th century by Japanese rice traders and were used to show the open, close, high and low of price in any given period of time.


Why Use Forex Candlesticks?

I use candlesticks in my forex trading instead of simple bars because they give a lot more “clues” as to where price may go next. There are 100s of patterns and books on the subject and there is even a “forex candlestick university” course that will cost you $3000 !

I concentrate on approximately 10 basic candlestick patterns that I show you in the video.

What Forex Candlesticks Tell Us

All forex candlesticks and patterns indicate where price should move in the future. This is not an exact science, however these patterns play out more often than not and that’s why they are very powerful tools to use with your trading. The important thing is to be able to recognise these candlestick patterns and know how to use them as “clues” as to whether to take a trade or not.

Important:  Candlesticks are only valid when they have closed. Also you can not use candlesticks in isolation. When looking back at historical charts it can appear tempting to believe that they are the only indicator one needs, but that is not the case. When used in conjunction with support and resistance and a few other indicators then they are a very valuable part of the forex jig saw puzzle.

Why I Recommend Forex Candlesticks Over Bars

There are a number of options for indicators of price action. I prefer candlesticks as I think they give better clues of where price is going to go next. I use a maximum of ten. If you can thoroughly learn these ten patterns you have enough in your armoury to trade a huge number of systems.

The priority for all of you is to get you into profit as soon as possible by keeping the charts as simple as possible. If you want to study these indicators in more detail then I would suggest you do so only when you have already started to become a profitable trader. As with all indicators candlesticks are more important the larger the time frame, therefore I would place far more importance on a daily, closed candle than a 5 minute one.

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Forex Candlesticks