Hi, on Sunday I shared with you my analysis as ever.

I explained why I was focusing on just 4 pairs, you can check them out here:

How to Trade Slow Summer Forex Markets


Today, Tuesday I recorded a short video of the 3 trades out of 4 that I had taken and my reasoning for ignoring the 4th.

I show how I managed them this morning (Tuesday) & and then in the live session how I took some profits and left the balance to run. Thats me finished for the week, job done 🙂

I hope you managed to catch at least some of the moves. If not you will know what to look for next time.

Forex is supposedly completely random and not possible to predict. I have been sharing this kind of analysis with members since 2008 and am known to be “spookily accurate” 🙂 BUT its not rocket science. Its a skill that you can learn. You are simply looking for repeatable patterns and probability. Add to that multiple reasons for the entry, stop, target, risk reward and you are there.

If you are struggling, persevere! It took me 3 years to crack this and I was on the verge of quitting more than once, but I dont quit easily, nor should you.

You CAN do this.

Marc Walton Forex TraderMy wife and I had to cancel our 3 month trip to Asia because of the Covid crisis.

As a result I now have time to accept a few more private students.

If you are at the point that you believe you can do this if only you had some help then reach out to me.

I will do everything in my power to help you achieve your goals, including helping you qualify for a funded account.

If you are motivated and determined to succeed then check this out and lets have a chat:


best wishes

Marc Walton