This article is designed to explain How to Manage Your Own Money Using Stocks & ETF’s.

Foreword by Marc: With the impending pension crisis that is going to affect everybody & quite drastically, Fotis Papatheofanous MBA has created a new course to teach people how to manage their own money more profitably than most funds with fewer costs. You can find out more here and download a free report that he has written explaining the problems and possible solutions:

Pensions and Investments

Most people are very ignorant when it comes to their own pensions and investments. Often people simply hand it over to an adviser. The last few years have seen reasonable returns for many funds due to all the free money that has been pumped into inflated stock markets. However, that is all now coming to an end and some of the biggest funds on the planet are cautioning that 0.5% may become the new norm for annual returns 🙁

There is the further worry that a big crash in stocks could be just around the corner. If all your money is tied up there, how do you try to hedge the risk?

In the financial world, changes and challenges are constant, particularly in our time, due to the synchronicity of the global markets. We are presented with diverse opportunities across multiple asset classes. These range from Equities and Fixed Income, to opportunities in emerging markets, real estate, commodities and other alternative investments.

As the financial environment is evolving, creating and managing your investment portfolio becomes a more complicated task than it used to be. What kind of choices you will make? How will you identify those assets that will generate the highest possible returns, with the smallest exposure to risk in your portfolio?

We have the solution and we can help you!

How to Manage Your Own Money Using Stocks & ETF’s.

Now, you have the opportunity to discover exactly what it means to be a professional portfolio manager. Acquire all the skills, tools and practical knowledge. This was you can run your own investment portfolio.

Discover how to take advantage of the opportunities available in global financial markets. Learn how to you can create and manage a portfolio that utilizes the benefits of diversification and intermarket relationships.

Do you know how to take advantage of the correlations and inter-market relationships that exist between international markets and between different asset classes?

There are always opportunities and choices you can make for your portfolio. We will show you how to practically identify the opportunities and risks that exist. Improve dramatically the performance of your investment portfolio. Would you like to be able to generate great results in your own portfolio?

Discover how to put together a portfolio of ETFs, using lower-risk Fixed Income instruments and get results like these below.

 How to Manage Your Own Money Using Stocks & ETF’s.

…or maybe you are willing to accept a slightly higher risk, in return of a higher performance. Then you should learn how to create a well-diversified portfolio. Combining different asset classes, from equities to bonds and discovering how to adapt to different market environments. Get solid risk-adjusted performance using ETFs portfolio that shows strong all-weather performance.

We can teach you how to do it yourselves.

 How to Manage Your Own Money Using Stocks & ETF’s.

How to Manage Your Own Money Using Stocks & ETF’s.

Have you tried to buy stocks in the past but you have found it to be difficult? Have you attempted to invest in the stock markets, listening to your broker suggestions or rumors and tips from somebody else?

We all know how this usually ends…

Discover the way that successful money managers are operating. Learn strategies and techniques that will impact your results straight away.

Would you like to know how Warren Buffet is investing in stocks? Would you like us to show you how other legendary money managers are doing it?

 How to Manage Your Own Money Using Stocks & ETF’s.

Large Cap UK portfolio

Join our team and let us show you a systematic, “smart” approach that will completely remove guesswork out of your investments. Learn how to apply our investment framework and be able to generate amazing results CONSISTENTLY.

You will be able to apply our approach across international stock markets and feel the impact immediately.

 How to Manage Your Own Money Using Stocks & ETF’s.

Large Cap US portfolio

In this journey you will not be alone. Enjoy the benefits of our weekly live webinars to keep you on the right track. We are here to offer our support and help all along the way.