Hi, this is an update of an article I posted previously, however, there is a brand new video below from member James showing how it is helping to improve his trade management and results.

Everybody I have recommended this software to (all my private students) thank me as it has improved their results too.

Best of it is, there is a 14 day free trial for members,

and its not expensive.

in the last few years I have taught a lot of  members on a “one to one” basis. In doing so I have come to realise that we can teach you everything we know about trading;

How to have an “edge”, by planning trades in advance, pinpointing entries, stops, and targets.

That way you can move a lot closer to your goal of becoming a successful trader BUT many of you still then screw up your performance because of bad decisions made when your emotions “kick in.”

How many times have you planned a really good trade, and caught an almost-perfect entry. Watched the trade go a 100 pips in profit. It starts to pull back, you panic, get out then watch it go the 300 pips you planned.  The truth? I have done it 100’s of times, especially in my early days, even pro traders struggle with emotions from time to time.

The forex holy grail (NOT)!

Most of us at some time on the forex learning curve then try out automated strategies (think eas or forex robots). In theory its great. No emotion, just plug it in and leave it. Unfortunately, 99% fail & I have never seen a single forex robot that made money over the mid to long term. Why? The robot is unable to see the change in market patterns. If it has been programmed to trade in a trending market and price reverses quickly or goes into a range, it keeps doing its thing.

Mini Holy grail?

What if you could add the “human touch”- your skills to overcome the entry problem & then semi-automate your trading?

We teach you how to plan in advance. You are able to see how the market pattern has changed and check upcoming news etc. With your skills, you can pick an entry, stop & target. At this point everything is all good. Then the emotions kick in. So what about handing over control of the trade to an automated piece of software that will then manage it as you instruct it. You don’t need to keep checking your phone every 10 minutes, its truly set and forget.

Quite a few of my private students are currently using the Visual Trading Console that our good friend Omar raved about 10 years ago. All are pleased with the concept & improved performance. Member Richard, from Canada, says its the best investment he made last year in software and he is a tech guy.

Many are from the USA and Canada. Often they are in a profitable trade, go to bed and the following morning see that during London it DID go the way they planned, only to come back down and take them out before they awake.

Others live in Europe, but the day job gets in the way OR they spend all day checking their trades on their phones and laptops.

Some are from Australia and most have full-time jobs. They do the analysis and then miss the trade because they are at work or in bed, or they are in a trade that is going nowhere. Then overnight or while they are at work, the price makes a big move, to where they would like to take some profit and or move the stop & it then pulls back and they miss it 🙁

Now the software, The VTC takes over and manages everything for them.

If price moves over overnight when they are at work, the software will move the stop to entry after the trades have moved a specific number of pips that you choose. For example, you have a 35 pip stop on a trade. When it gets to 70 pips profit you tell the software to move the stop to entry. You also want to take 30% profit off. Then when it gets to 150 pips profit you want to move the stop again and take some more profit and leave the balance to run to its 300 pip target, no problem!

If any of this applies to you then this could be your solution:

  • You have almost cracked forex but you get out of trades too early
  • Maybe your stops keep getting taken out by a few pips only to move 100’s as you planned – we have all been there.
  • You interfere too much with trades? This way place a trade and walk away
  • Now you can run up to 9 MT4’s on the one console
  • You could test 9 different exit strategies
  • or 9 different stops
  • Set and forget-Scale out of trades automatically

Download Free 14 day Trial Copy Here:

We rarely promote forex products, but this is proving to be a game changer. You can test drive it free for 14 days so give it a try. You can find the details here: Visual Trading Console

Review from our Member

Here is Udo from Germany who has recently tested it out and is already reaping the benefits!

Hello folks!

I had written 2 weeks ago that I would test the Visual Trading Console. Since I think it only makes sense on a VPS, I signed up for a one-month subscription with the provider cheap-forex-vps, that marc mentioned, (the basic version) to try it out.

Here is my interim result:

The setup of the VPS is uncomplicated and quickly done. I did not use the pre-installed MT4 version (but that would not have been a problem) but I used the MT4 installations of my brokers. No problems at all during the installation.
Then I installed the Visual Trading Console and again no problems at all.
The handling on the VPS is not as fast as I am used to from my own PC but it is absolutely sufficient for our purposes.

Just this morning I saw again how useful these tools are:
I had opened a NZD JPY E&S short trade. Entry was at the WPV 83.51, SL behind the ema’s and the 61.8 fib. TP at WS1 82.34. In the Visual Trading Console I had set a first TP of 75% at 82.595.
What happened this morning? I went shopping and during this time NZD JPY shot down sharply for a short time and then back again. My first TP was triggered while I was running around the mall. Without using the Visual Trading Console, the trade would have slipped through my fingers.
So my conclusion: The (small) purchase of the Visual Trading Console and a VPS is definitely worth it!

Here is James’ video explaining the benefits and how its helping to improve his trading performance and how to use it