Live: Busy week ahead

Myself and Thinus went through the setups for the week ahead in today’s webinar.

The main point to take it from it was there are opportunities in the market but you have to have a plan if you will trade it this week.
There is plenty of news still yet to come.

The FED meets tomorrow and is expected to keep the rates the same as their inflation target is being met. Then you have the GBP rate statement on Thursday who are also expected to keep rates the same but they could surprise you as the inflation is still high among other major economies.

And finally, NFP on Friday which we don’t trade, and would strongly advise not to open trades before the event and manage the open ones.

I showed some opportunities that we can look at on the shorter timeframes. You can place forward orders on the 4HR if you have multiple reasons. But wouldn’t advise the same on 1HR or anything lower as you need to watch it.

The GBPAUD looks very good for a short on the 4HR at 1.92

There are also other setups that I shared, but again double check with your rules and then take the trade. Don’t blindly follow.

You can watch the full webinar below

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