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In Latin countries Tuesday the 13th is looked at the same way as others think of Friday the 13th. Superstitious nonsense right?

So today, Pierres house flooded in South Africa, so no electricity, no Earth & Sky Video nor post from him.

My wife & daughter went out as it was the first time in a week it wasn’t raining here in Portugal.

Then in the middle of the session, the man from the council arrived. I have been waiting since last week and if I didn’t break off to talk with him, he wouldn’t come back.

Then the rubbish collection guy knocked on the door, then the street sweeper started outside my window with one of those noisy blowers.

Then DHL arrived……

Just as we finished the session my wife and daughter returned and they had managed to lose their passports, thankfully someone called who had found them.

The woman at the bank wouldn’t let them sign a document because there wasn’t a postcode on it…..AAGH!

On top of all of that I coughed my way through the live session (apologies I can’t seem to shake it off) though we have managed to edit most of the coughing and the door-knocking from the final video!

Then the markets went crazy just as we had warned.

I explained on Sunday and again today why its vital to wait for this type of news to come out and there is more (which could be even more volatile tomorrow). It’s quite possible that tomorrow’s news sends markets the other way.

In today’s webinar, I spoke about the labor market and how the numbers are being manipulated. I also shared the oil stocks I keep an eye on and the ones I have traded. Ashley then Shared the Earth and sky setups as Pierre’s house is flooded and he has a power cut out so not sure when he will be back up and running. To end the session off I went through the M2 setups.

The labor market

You are being lied to? is everything really fine and this is the best job report data we are getting?

The last US payroll report was tagged as very strong – but if you look deeper you realize the current state of the US labor market is far from ‘‘hot’’. Job creation is clearly trending down, alternative real-time and forward-looking labor market indicators point to a sharp deterioration ahead and statistical inconsistencies are artificially boosting non-farm payrolls.

Alf has written a really good article regarding this issue and he has pointed out a few things that are important to notice in the labor market. This could decide the future of the dollar in 2023.

You can view this article on the link below. From next year he will be charging for these articles and he currently has an offer. The link below to the article.

The Labor Market Holds The Key

You can view all his articles below:

The Macro compass

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UK Labor market

I then went on to explain that the situation is the same in the UK. The employment figures show that unemployment is low in the UK. But this is not true and if you look deeper in the government’s own data you can prove this.

Very few people seeking work are struggling to find it. But widen the definition to include everyone not employed and claiming out-of-work benefits (a figure not published by the government but discernible from the DWP database) and you hit a figure closer to 13 percent nationally – rising to 20 percent in Liverpool, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

According to the ONS figures, the updated figures for inactivity suggest that the number of people inactive due to long-term sickness has risen by 402,000 since the pandemic started. So you can see that the figures are manipulated and the government is finding a way to hide these statistics so that it all looks good on paper and the media go along with it. If the official figures were printed then the GBP could look a lot different.

Here is an interesting article by Spectator magazine which has gone into this in more detail

Britain isn’t working

Here is also the page to show you the real inflation figures vs the one shown using the new calculation.

Alternate inflation charts

Earth and Sky

Ashley also went through the Earth and Sky setups in the webinar.

As he has mentioned before he prefers having the WPV where the Fib and E&S zone is. It makes it a much stronger setup and also the stop is a lot better. All the pairs he picked in the webinar met the rules. But only the EURCAD met the rules I’m speaking about. So he would take the setup on EURCAD compared to others.

Direction: Long

Entry: 1.43120
Stop: 1.42520
TP: 1.44800

As always, remember correlation!

We are NOT a “tipping service” our aim is to teach you how to trade for yourself.

You can view the full webinar recording below, without most of the coughing and door-knocking!


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