Traders Psychology Training Course

The Critical Elements to Trading Mastery by Trading Pschologist Rich Friesen MA

Hi, good friend of mine, trading psychologist, Rich Friessen MA has kindly offered free places to a course that he is starting next week.

The free traders psychology trading course –

Including live group sessions

Psychological issues often cause more blown accounts than lack of knowledge, it certainly did for me in my early days.

Rich was my trading savior. I was on the verge of quitting after 3 years. He helped me stop losing, start winning and then helped me progress to trading a $1million+ account for a USA hedge fund all within 18 months, so proof if ever you need it.

He also worked with our own Judith and Omar who also rave about him. Final thing his live sessions are always a lot of FUN :)

Heres a link to register for the Free trading Psychology Course which starts next week: CLICK HERE

Whats it all about? Rich explains here:

Traders Psychology Training Course

What are the critical elements that take struggling traders to trading mastery?  As I built and managed my own trading firm for over a decade, I have learned what works and what doesn’t.

First, traders often avoid working on the critical issues that matter, or have structured their efforts in a way that produce a lot of struggle. Next, many traders use “discipline” to correct repeated trading mistakes. The times that this fails to correct their trading behaviors, they then resort to self-criticisms. Next, they don’t know how to break the cycles and brain processes that are actually hard wired neurological connected brain patterns.

I refer to this entire trading struggle as “fighting your own brain.”

Over the last three decades of training the traders for my own firm, analyzing over 2000 trader psychological assessments and surveys, training 100s of traders in our courses and personally coaching dozens more, I can feel the frustration of so many traders that are so close to success.

What we are talking about is not only changing our trading behaviors, but changing our ability to improve our lives. Often, after stepping outside of the old trading processes, traders tell me that not only has their trading improved, but it has impacted the rest of their lives as well. More than one spouse has thanked me for the work I did with their mate.

So, what can you take from what we have learned over the past 30 years right now?

First, increase your awareness of how your mind currently works. This can be done by setting an alarm and just noticing your physical sensations and feelings during your trading day and writing them down. Next, and most importantly, is to accept without judgment what you notice. And finally, you can then ask yourself, what alternative behavior would feel better?

However, the old patterns will resist change and this is where measuring what matters is important. At Mind Muscles, we have honed our trading behavior metrics to the most critical issues. This process is so important to our members, that we have created an application that charts your progress.

Finally, is setting the dream in clear language of the trading behaviors that would work for you. Without a clear vision, it is hard to move forward without a lot of resistance.

All of this is not trivial. Just like any sport, having a coach or training process can help break up old behaviors and allow new more profitable trading to emerge. I realize that the cost and risk of disappointment is strong in many traders who are tired of solutions that don’t work and who want a fresh approach to trading mastery.

Traders Psychology Training Course

I am inviting traders who are ready to make real progress in their trading behavior to join a free course that starts next week. This includes group coaching sessions that you can join and experience how we solve the problems we have outlined above.

Marc and I have wrestled with these issues over the last few years and supported each other in developing a roadmap to trading mastery. If you would like to experience this path, please let me know today.


best wishes,

Rich Friesen MA

Traders Psychology Training Course