Hi guys, this was a warning sent to members on Wednesday. The original plan was to look for shorts on many of the Yen cross pairs.

However the price hit major areas of resistance and it looked to me that the price was going to break higher, which it did, helping members avid losing trades.

I make a plan on a weekend BUT all traders have to pay attention to what is going on in the markets.

If things change, then be flexible and revie the plan.

I made a quick video showing what I was looking to trade.

The Nzd dropped overnight before bouncing due to a Tweet- and the Fed are not happy with the lack of funding for folks who are currently out of work.

Be very careful with the Yens today as explained in the short video.

Pierre’s Earth & Sky gave a good 100 pips on the Cad & I show some setup on the M3 too 🙂