I have made a short video showing you how I have managed the open trades. They were pre-planned in advance on Sunday for the week ahead.

Out of them all the EURGBP did look the most attractive which I caught with my ‘Spookily accurate’ entry 🙂
It had multiple reasons which is what we need before opening a trade.

Then the other trades were also in very good areas of interest and I explained the reasons why I got into them. You can watch all of this in the live webinar when I went through these trades and also explained how I will manage them and take profit in different areas. Link below (members have access)

Live: Patience pays off

Now in the short video below, I have shown you how I have executed my plan and taken partial profit on some of these trades. I have also moved my stops so that I am risking less or none in case the trades reverse and take me out.

You always need to find a way to reduce your risk on the table once you are in a trade. That doesn’t mean moving your stop loss to breakeven as soon as you see it in 10 pips in profit. Let the trade breathe and do its thing. Then go on 4hr and look for structure and move your stop in a place where you think price might struggle to get back to.

Ashley has caught the EURGBP too and he will probably make a video sharing how he is managing it.

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You can watch the short clip below:

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