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Hi, I have posted a short video about trading forex and a Bitcoin update.

Re Forex I implore you not to trade this week. If you choose not to listen then, be that on your own head. You pay me to mentor and advise, but you are an adult, so it’s your call!

I have shown a few pairs in the video which I would trade on a normal week & they are technically interesting.

I will not trade.

There is no scheduled red flag news. News is the catalyst that usually moves prices. On top of that, most of the big traders around the world are away, so Christmas markets are usually extremely slow and the liquidity is thin which results in little movement.

Just occasionally they go crazy if there is unexpected news; a natural disaster, a terrorist incident a Trump tweet 🙂 . The Gbp might jump with the Brexit news and Trump’s refusal to sign the Aid bill will not be good for the millions of people who are literally on the breadline. That should not be good for the $USA.

Let’s hope there are no more discussions about a potential coup!

Webinar Invitation Listen to Me

Listen to me:

Webinar Invitation Listen to MeI am not one to brag and most of the time I am reserved about my achievements BUT on this occasion,

I have to shout that I TOLD YOU SO 🙂 again.

Those who listened to me just a few weeks ago had the potential to double their money!

The good news is that I believe that those who missed out still have the chance to get into the crazy world of crypto and potentially life-changing gains.

on the 28th October I hosted a webinar here for members entitled “Why I believe Investing in Cryptocurrencies now could be the best financial decision of your lifetime.”

On that date I shared my top 3 coins with attendees that I was convinced would at least double in the next 6 to 12 months. Bitcoin was at $13,300 that day, today it hit $28,400 that’s almost 2 months to the day! The other 2 more than doubled too.

One since dropped but I advised my followers to get out and that I had moved some of my profits into BTC which is up 25% more in just 6 days.

Webinar Invitation Listen to Me

To be clear it may well drop from here ( I hope and expect it will) but the underlying fundamentals support its continued move higher. I believe Bitcoin will double again from here and some of my smaller coins could make much bigger gains. I will also start to “trade” it in 2021 but NOT using leverage.

The good news is you are not too late IF you have a plan and know what you are doing.

I am hosting an updated crypto webinar this Tuesday at 11.00am 29th December 2020 London time. Why (More than ever) I am convinced that the Crypto Boom could be the best opportunity in your lifetime.

Click the following link to register. You can share this with family and friends if you wish, BUT they do need to register. Copy & paste this link for them to register


Webinar Invitation Listen to MeEven if you think this is not for you, I urge you to at the very least understand what is going on in the financial world.

There are black “covid debt” clouds ahead and you need to think of ways, at the very least, to avoid them.

This is an updated webinar of the one I hosted on the 28th October.

Since then many new members of my crypto site have seen their accounts double in just 7 weeks!

I am convinced that this is just the beginning. Bitcoin has made new highs and there are numerous reasons why this is just the start.

Crypto & blockchains are going mainstream with the big banks, Wall Street & wealthy investors all piling into the technology.

I traded the 1990’s stocks boom (this crypto boom is VERY similar) and since 2005 I have traded multi-million currency accounts for clients. I believe that this is the best opportunity for those who get involved now IF they do it the right way.

This is NOT about trading crypto as that is far too risky. I will explain all in the webinar.I have used my 30 years of experience in trading financial markets to pinpoint Crypto & Blockchains that I know have the potential to create life-changing gains for a whole new group of people in the coming 12 months.

I show Bitcoin at the start of the video, then big technical areas for the Gbp/$, €/$, Aud, Aud/Cad & the Cad.

Webinar Invitation Listen to Me

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