A few days ago Marc Walton joined Rich Friesen in a totally mind blowing webinar about forex trading psychology. This is a webinar not to miss, below is a message from Rich along with some special offers for FMP followers.

Thank you for attending our live meeting presentation on “Persistent Trading Mistakes.” 

(If you did not get an opportunity to attend the Persistent Trading Mistakes webinar, you can watch the recording here).     

Knowledge without execution? None of our shared ideas, content, framework or exercises matter if we don’t expand our trading behaviors to ones that serve us better. 

We want to support your continued trading success. So, our goal at the Mind Muscles Academy is to continue to support your growth as you overcome your previous persistent trading mistakes. The next step then is to create the new trading behaviors that lead to consistently growing profits.

Our online course, Compass 2.0 is designed to do just that. 

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to see how Compass 2.0 will guide you through the major issues most traders face. 

Sign up now to get personal support. I want my invitation to join the Mind Muscles family to be a “no brainer.” So, if you sign up by Monday, January 7, I will include the following with the Compass 2.0 course.

Bullseye Live Meeting: ($97.00) We will have a live online meeting exclusively for those members who join the Compass 2.0 course. This live meeting targets specific trading issues that matter most to you. This live meeting will be a conversation that reframes how we look at how we are “stuck” and offers a new mindset for creating the results we want. This live online meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 9 at 4:00 pm ET.

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(Recording will be available if you can’t make it.)

Our Guided Visualizations program ($97.00): These audio recordings use the same peak performance processes that are used by Olympic and professional athletes to create the mental framework for victory. This package of audio files shows you the power of intentionally creating a master trader’s mindset with five guided visualizations, each targeted to building the master trader’s mindset and move from emotional reactions to deliberate practice.

Mind Metrics Application ($197.00): We measure what matters. This application takes what you learn from the Compass 2.0 course and creates a way to graphically visualize your behavioral processes, and chart your progress. 

Inner Circle: ($47.00) Additionally, we will include the “Inner Circle” which is a library of resources that deal with specific issues that need more attention. 

Make 2019 a New Year with new outcomes. Please join us for this unique offering to start the year 2019 with a new foundation that supports the trading outcomes you want.

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