HI, I explained on Sunday and again in Tuesday’s live session that at this time of year it’s harder to find trades from longer timeframes.

I featured 3 that appealed to me. I took them all. One lost, 2 won and the net gain for the week with the balance left open on one. That is only risking 0.5% per trade & 0.25% on the Gbp/Cad as only half of it fired.

The Nzd Cad which worked well for over 100 pips the previous week lost. So my account was -0.5% at that stage.

Then the Euro/Yen that I had flagged last Sunday fired. If you missed the original entry I showed in the live session on Tuesday how to look for a pullback to the pivot and then look to take it. That worked for a net gain of approx 1.75%.

One of the members, Attila, asked me in the forum whether getting out at 126.00 was a good I explained

“HI Attila, well done on catching it. As I said Sunday that was one of a few that I would trade. Nzd Cad lost 0.5% but this one now +1.25% for me. All the Yens have moved up, dragged by $/Yen which has just hit the monthly 200ema. Euro/Yen has already done a days range and looks like rejecting at 126.00 as you said. I have taken 75% off now and stop to 125.45 on the balance. It has nothing above current price but days range and time of year I don’t want to be greedy, best of luck, Marc”

I closed the balance at 126.49.

Moral of the story USE THE FORUM!

I also showed in the live training session on Tuesday why I liked the setup on the Gbp/Cad. I explained how I was going to scale into the trade, you can check that out in the recording:

Live: How to Trade Summer Forex Markets

Moral of the Story ATTEND or Watch the replays of the LIVE SESSION 🙂

I show the trades in this short video and how I have taken 75% of the profit off the Gbp/Cad leaving the balance to run. Unless it gets over a 100 pips in profit I will close it before the weekend as it has some nasty spikes at the market open and close.


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