You’ll Never Win if You Don’t Get the Game

Hi, in today’s live session I started by talking about the recent “CRASH” in Bitcoin.

I showed how an understanding of fundamentals is important as well as the technical skills you learn with us when it comes to trading and investing in any market.

How those same technical skills are a BIG help when it comes to buying cryptocurrencies.

How important it is that you understand correlation

What to do when multiple (correlated) trades setup at the same time and which to take and why.

How most retail investors (and forex traders) don’t really understand the rules of the “game” they are participating in.

How big money is in control and why it’s important you understand how they “rig the game.”

I have been involved in financial markets for 30 years. I have seen the same cycles repeat over and over again and yet millions of people continue to be sucked into it without realising what is going on!

The recent price of Bitcoin was up 140% in ONE month, it was entirely predictable what happened next. It was clearly unsustainable. I cautioned investors who follow my crypto site the following on the 3rd January:

You’ll Never Win if You Don’t Get the Game

I expect a sharp drop on BTC in the near future and it could be dramatic. The big boys will once again want to “shake the tree” to get the little guy to sell. There will be lots of reminders about how it fell 80% last time and folks should get out now.”

There have been many stock market crashes, and mini booms and busts in my lifetime. The booms usually start after a bust has been over and done with for at least a few months, often a year. Then nervous, early investors come out from under the covers and start to buy again. (The big companies and investors are already well invested at this stage), having bought on the way down and whilst there was less interest at the bottom.

Now the optimism starts (fuelled by the press and “talking heads” on the TV). Now the upwards movement starts to develop with yet more enthusiasm, then exhilaration kicks in (it’s now 24/7 news about how great these markets are) this is the time when the retail rookie gets involved and the big money is getting ready to leave.

Now we hit the euphoric stage, the smart money is getting out, prices start to stall before dropping like a stone. The same “talking heads” started murmuring about possible crashes to help set the wheels in motion. Now every newspaper, website, expert, talking head et al are screaming CRASH, Catastropy, disaster, end of the world as we know”…..The little guy who bought at the top panics and sells and swears “the game is rigged” and he will not get involved again, which he will not, until next time.

That is the classic steps of a boom and bust cycle. The game is rigged by those at the top of the financial food chain and it happens in all markets. YOU need to realize what’s going on and its the same with trading forex. Most folks forget what’s taking place in a forex trade.

You’ll Never Win if You Don’t Get the Game

You'll Never Win if You Don't Get the Game

Now you may say that is the case with Bitcoin right now and I am at the “denial” phase in the image. Certainly, a lot of retail rookies will have got their fingers burned in the last few days BUT I do think on this occasion that things are different.

The big money has started to get involved and regulations in the USA mean that Investment companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, and Wall Street, in general, can now get involved. I believe that once this current “tree-shaking exercise is done  (to get the little guy to sell so the big dudes can snap them up at a big discount), the big boys will drive BTC upwards.

As you will have seen when BTC rises so do most of the smaller coins. Check out the new Introduction to Crypto Course in the Menu to see why I am convinced that this current crypto bull run has a lot further to go from a fundamental perspective.

You’ll Never Win if You Don’t Get the Game

Talking Heads

Be careful who you listen to! Learn to make decisions for yourself and be careful who you choose to listen to.

The internet, TV, websites, financial channels are all full of experts, many of whom appear on a daily basis giving their opinion. Often they get it wrong and next time they appear completely ignore what they said (you, of course, may have lost money following their “tips”)- sucker!

Realise many of these people have an agenda. Others are on the TV because they can’t “cut it” as traders! Why for example does a bank tell us that “we just shorted the €uro with a stop at…. and a profit target of…… I am not aware that they are now registered as charitable institutions, they have an agenda!

If I run a bank fund and I need to buy $50 Million of €uros for clients I need to buy them as cheaply as possible so the bank makes a profit. If I announce “we just longed the €uro” and retail traders are daft enough to listen to me, its not going to help my cause! Remember banks do not just “trade” they need to buy and sell for clients every day.

All explained in more detail in the presentation and I also showed lots of possible forex setups too and why it’s vital you have a bias for the week. I showed in recent weeks how MACD divergence on lots of weekly charts was giving a clue that the $USD was looking as though it was at least retracing. Then on Sunday, I explained how historically the $USA does well in January. Hence my bias this week is to buy the dollar.

New members, please note: If I am looking to take a trade long, for example, 1.5000, I place my order 10 pips above & 10 pips below for a short. This is because price often does not quite reach a major line and you need to allow for spreads.

We are NOT a “tipping service” our aim is to teach you how to trade for yourself.

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Watch the video for more detailed explanations of this week’s analysis and trade plan.

You’ll Never Win if You Don’t Get the Game