Marc Walton's forex mentor blogCheck out our award winning forex mentor blog: Marc Walton Full time trader, fund manager and founder of Forex Mentor Pro, Marc trades Forex for clients from his home in the sunny Canary Islands. Marc is famed for being “spookily accurate” with his analysis. Often picking out entries from 100’s of pips away, “to the pip.”

Unlike most “guru’s” he and the other mentors here tell you in advance what they are looking to trade and why. That way you can learn to become a successful trader in your own mentor blog

Commonly Used Support and Resistance Areas

Below I have outlined the most Commonly Used Support and Resistance Areas that forex traders use for technical analysis. In technical analysis, the forex trader attempts to understand the market by how price moves, as well as using some indicators. Support and resistance make up the most core and meaningful portion of technical analysis, and below the four most commonly used areas.

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Four Vital Terms for New Forex Traders

When you are new to forex trading, it can seem like a completely different language. The terms used are probably not familiar if you have not been in that realm before. Below, are Four Vital Terms for New Forex Traders to know. It not only serves to understand the forex market itself, but will help you understand training and teaching you might be receiving as well.

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New Trader Basics: Forex Order Types

When starting your journey in trading, knowing what each order type means and how it affects you is one of the most vital knowledge you will have to have. Below I discuss the most commonly used and important forex order types used in trading. By making sure you are placing the RIGHT order based on what you want to achieve in the trade, will prevent many of the mistake-based losses that come from incorrect order placement

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